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In addition to its relaxing virtues for perfect relaxation at home, the lift chair offers a real technical assistant to sit down and get up without physical effort and in complete safety. This type of seat is equipped with a lifting aid system also called "standing aid" thanks to one or more motors.

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Beige & Brown Velvet armchair - SIRIUS Design armchair
  • On sale!

Beige & Brown Velvet armchair - SIRIUS

Price €694.17
SIRIUS  is definitely part of the category of  modern lounge chairs  that stand out in any interior, because not only does it serve to relax with its discreet relaxation system, a brushed...
Red Leather & Natural Oakwood Armchair - NAOS Home

Red Leather & Natural Oakwood Armchair - NAOS

Price €823.33
The design red leather armchair   NAOS  is the perfect harmony between natural oakwood and leather for the perfect relaxation armchair. Red leather will give you the opportunity to add colour to...

Sitting down and getting up easily with a lift chair

The electric lift armchair, equipped with a verticalization aid system, allows you to switch to a sitting or standing position, easily and in complete safety.

Concretely, this type of equipment tilts gently forward to accompany the person to the standing position or to the rear, without risk of loss of balance, to allow him to sit without difficulty in the armchair.

Thus considerably reducing the risk of falling, the lift chair is ideal for people with reduced mobility or for users of a certain age who lack autonomy.

The relaxing function of a lift chair

In addition to being secure to go from sitting to standing and vice versa thanks to the lifting function, the electric lifting armchair is also a perfect ally for daily health and well-being.

Once comfortably seated in this seat, this type of relaxation armchair allows you to easily change position without effort. Using a remote control, users can indeed find the ideal position for their relaxation.

Thanks to its reclining and ergonomic backrest, the lift relaxation armchair offers great comfort to relieve the back and the joints. And for maximum well-being, it is also possible to adjust the position of the legs with the articulated footrest.

Electric lift armchair: which one to choose?

To choose the right lift seat, in addition to taking into account its size so that it matches the morphology, you must pay particular attention to the number of motors.

If you are looking for a chair with a lifting aid and a relaxed position, you can opt for a 1 motor lift seat.

With a motor, the inclination of the backrest and the footrest of the electric wheelchair are activated synchronously, that is to say at the same time.

In other words, this means that it is not possible to independently manage the inclination of the backrest and the footrest.

The 2-motor lift chair allows you to separately adjust the inclination of the backrest and the integrated ottoman, enough to find the perfect position for more comfort.

The number of positions available is also a criterion to study while looking at a relaxation armchair helping someone to stand up.

In addition to the lifter position to sit and stand up effortlessly, some armchairs allow a resting position.

For maximum relaxation, this almost horizontal position offers a reclining posture thanks to the almost total inclination of the backrest and footrest.

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