My New Design

The number 1 of the original and trendy lounge chair. My new design sooo relax...

Who are we?

The Number One of the hottest recliner on the Internet!

Leader in the online sale of young and ultra-comfortable recliners.

Our vocation

Share our desire to combine design with comfort to go further together. The image of the relaxation chair, often relayed to seniors, is now being revisited for a young clientele, and concerned about their well-being.

Choosing between sitting well and liking design is over! Let's stop the preconceived idea that a recliner necessarily has an old-fashioned, heavy and unsightly look!

My new design makes life softer and more pleasant at work and at home.

Based in the west of France, our site is constantly looking to develop its values:

- The quality of our fabrics, leathers and wood

- The permanent search for innovation through partnerships with the leading French design schools (INSCI...), to meet your needs and future expectations as closely as possible

- A constant desire to bring well-being and aesthetics to your environment.