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Practical, comfortable, and aesthetic, the designer footrest contributes to the comfort of your relaxation seat. Ergonomic, it supports your tired legs after a long day of work and relieves back pain. In addition to its primary function of well-being by enhancing your legs, this equipment creates style and enhances your interior decoration.

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A designer footrest to maximize your comfort

A footrest also called "pouf" or "leg rest", can be associated with a relaxation armchair to promote your comfort during your moments of relaxation.

By being comfortably seated in a relaxation armchair, the ergonomic footrest allows you to maintain a straight dorsal line for a better position of the back and a better-distributed body weight.

In addition to relieving back pain, footrests help reduce the pressure exerted on the lower limbs. It decreases the pressure in the thighs and thus promotes better blood circulation in your legs. The footrest is therefore associated with extreme comfort and relaxation.

With your favorite armchair, you can choose a built-in pouf with a manual or electric mechanism. It is also possible to opt for an independent design footrest to put near the armchair to heighten your legs.

A footrest or ottoman as an additional seat

In addition to contributing to the quality of your rest by resting your legs and lower back, the footrest is also a very practical and versatile piece of furniture.

It can, for example, be used very well as an additional seat in a living room during convivial moments with family or friends.

In a soft and cozy atmosphere, a designer footrest in fabric or velvet can be positioned at the end of the bed as a decorative element in your bedroom. It can be used to drop off your clothes!

A designer pouf can also be transformed into a bedside table to put your jewelry or other accessories in the evening before going to bed.

Another room, another function, the footrest can become an extra seat in the entrance of your house to better put your shoes on before going out or take them off when coming home.

A designer footrest to complete your decoration

Depending on its line, material, color, and structure, the designer footrest enhances the style of your decoration, whether contemporary, Scandinavian, industrial, or rather chic.

With a trendy look and very fashionable lines, the footrest perfectly complements a pretty designer lounge chair or a beautiful sofa.

My New Design offers poufs and footstools to match its lounge chairs. There are footrests in leather, velvet, or fabric, with natural, black, or two-tone oak shells.

And for a touch of originality in your interior, apart from respecting a harmony with a living room footrest matching your armchair or sofa, dare to mix styles and materials for a Mix and Match spirit in your living room.

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