The decoration seen by Louise, our little 3rd intern :)

The decoration seen by Louise, our little 3rd intern :)

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The importance of decoration and interior furniture (of the bedroom) seen by those who do not always choose it : CHILDREN

That's it, I'm finally changing my room!

I remember the first time I changed the decoration of my room, I was very happy.

But only, I knew nothing in this field, which seems rather normal. I can tell you that for children, furniture and decoration also matter, as much as for you, the adults!

For parents who do not know how to go about it, this article is for you!

The decoration

First, the decoration. Wallpaper or paint?

Grey, white or pink? We children don't really know what we want.

But we know what we do NOT want!

So parents, if you scold us for always being told no to every proposal, write it down!

You should keep what no one says no to.

And then for the objects (which, without lying to each other, often end up in a completely different place than the initial one), we want to keep a few old ones!

But what we want above all is to have plenty of others… (Every situation is a good excuse to buy us toys, after all!)

In any case, be careful to respect the wishes of children, while setting limits!

Otherwise, they might make you regret it every day…

The furnite

The furniture is also very important, I would even say more than the decoration! We, unlike adults, see decoration as secondary.

The layout and choice of furniture is what we see first! In my experience, the bed is (obviously!) the most important piece of furniture.

This is where we spend all our time when we are in our bedroom, after of course the center of the room, surrounded by our favorite toys. So if you don't know where to start, keep reading!

Once the bed is placed, the toy bins or wardrobe come next.

We also pay a lot of attention to where the things that belong to us are stored.

When these three elements are decided, the rest does not matter. After all, it's not that complicated!

Finally, I address the parents (or grandparents!):

For your child's room, be sure to respect his wishes, he probably won't have a lot of them, and he will thank you for listening to him.

Imagine living in a place you don't like!

Obviously, it will be necessary to add a little harmony and order in this room which will already have all the charm of childhood.

Louise, 14-year-old trainee at My New Design

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