Five rules for choosing the right carpet

Five rules for choosing the right carpet

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The carpet is an essential element of decoration and interior comfort. But in order not to miss your choice, you will need to pay attention to a few points…

Between professional advice on thicknesses or materials, decoration rules on colors or dimensions and pitfalls to avoid, My New Design guides you!

1 The right dimension of your carpet 

It is obviously necessary to adapt the carpet to the dimensions of your room... A rug that is too big will tend to shrink the space.

Also avoid the eternal and conventional layout of the rug placed as a doormat below the bed or in front of the sofa.

Prefer to place it under your relaxation chair or under the bed, it will bring a structured atmosphere to your room.

MND advises you to test the dimensions and position of a rug by first laying out some cardboard on the floor to give you an idea of ​​how much space and space it will take up, then measuring the dimensions.

You can define the standard dimensions of a carpet to guide your choice according to the room. For example, a 90 x 160 cm rug will be ideal for a bedroom, a 200 cm x 300 cm rug will be perfect in a living room.

It is also possible to mix several small rugs, by overlapping them slightly, thus creating a patchwork of patterns and colors. Pay attention to their thickness!

2 The material of the carpet 

The choice of material for a living room rug depends on its use and its place in the house. You have the choice between 2 types of materials: Synthetic or natural.

My New Design has opted for rugs made from a mix of natural (wool) and synthetic (viscose) materials.

Synthetic materials 

Viscose is a semi-synthetic material and looks like silk. Made from cellulose and collodion, viscose rugs are soft and keep looking shiny, bright and soft.

Artificial fibers make it possible to produce designer rugs in a variety of colours.

Resistant to stains and easy to maintain, the polyester rug retains the brilliance of its colors over time. MND advises you and offers you rugs with a medium pile height in order to obtain a nice effect once the room is furnished. 

Natural materials

Authentic and comfortable, the natural fiber rug offers good sound and heat insulation.

These rugs made from natural materials such as cotton, wool or even sisal give your interior a raw, cozy and warm touch.

Wicker, natural wood, pastel and light colors will be enhanced by a natural fiber rug. They are easily maintained with a vacuum cleaner, a sponge and suitable cleaning products.

3 The colour

It is true that tastes and colors are not discussed! On the other hand, it is advisable to follow certain rules so as not to spoil the harmony of a room.

Indeed, the choice of certain colors can have an impact on the volume of a living space, shrink it or, on the contrary, enlarge it. The carpet is a very visible decorative element, which can change the mood and atmosphere of your living room or bedroom. Here are some rules:

The color according to the style

You have opted for a well-defined style, particular tones: Either you can choose a rug that will fit into the continuity of this style, or you can bring an offbeat note that will bring contrast and character to your room.

If your decoration is rather neutral, or basic, this is an opportunity to bring color and create a universe around a new element. Opt for original colors and patterns, create your style around this rug!

If your decoration is rather busy or rich in colors and decorative elements, then opt for a solid color rug instead.

A rule of decoration is not to combine more than 3 colors in the same room`

The color according to the volumes

The rule is simple:

  • Small room: Light colors (beige, white, etc.), this will bring a nice decorative touch without overloading your room.
  • Large room: Darker colors (brown, brown, black, etc.), this option creates a cozy and warm atmosphere. Be careful, however, not to overdo the dark colors in a large room, this would create an austere atmosphere!

Don't forget to choose the color according to the passage: avoid light colors for a hallway rug or passage between kitchen and living room for example, this will save you the stress of stains and footprints!

4 Patterns and style

As said before, for an interior with an already rich decoration, opt instead for a solid color carpet or with discreet patterns. 

With a neutral decoration, you can on the contrary opt for more graphic patterns and shapes  with geometric and contemporary patterns such as "links to carpets"... their patterns and colors bring dynamism and modernity to your living spaces. 

For a soothing atmosphere, choose floral or exotic motifs such as "links to carpets". To give a more colorful or flashy atmosphere, choose for example our "Rainbow" carpet..

Our more united models will bring sobriety and elegance to your living room or bedroom, they fit into any interior: "links to carpets".

5 His interview

Buying a carpet also means thinking about how you will be able to maintain it. The material of your carpet will influence its resistance to wear over time.

100% natural fibers are obviously more fragile, and their maintenance requires suitable products.

My New Design has opted for a mix of natural (wool) and synthetic (viscose) materials and are particularly appreciated for their resistance to stains, humidity and crushing. These models are suitable for passage areas as well as rest areas, such as the living room or bedroom.

We invite you to consulter all of our motels here We remain at your disposal for any request for information.

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