Medical chair

In addition to being acclaimed for its comfort, the medical armchair is the ideal equipment for health. This type of sitting helps to soothe various pathologies such as back pain, blood circulation disorders but also other ailments such as joint pain or stress.

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The benefits of a medical armchair

Thanks to a reclining backrest and a padded seat, the medical electric armchair (or manual) is designed to provide comfort and relaxation.

This type of medical comfort armchair allows, among other things, to relax all the muscles and relieve certain areas of the body such as the neck, head, back, but also the knees, legs, and ankles.

Additionally, this medical armchair also improves blood circulation thanks to its different positions that promote blood flow in the body.

The medical relaxation armchair suitable for different pathologies

In addition to being a real ally for daily well-being and relaxation, this type of armchair is characterized by its ability to relieve various pathologies and prevent certain pain.

The electric or manual medical armchair is particularly strongly recommended for those who suffer from back pain. Thanks to an ergonomic seat, the backline is perfectly positioned and pressure relieved on the back muscles.

This seat, which soothes back pain, helps relieve other chronic pain. The medical relaxatin chair reduces muscle tension and allows, for example, the heart to be less strained. It also promotes better blood circulation in the body and helps achieve better lung capacity.

Thus, with all these benefits for the body and therefore for your health, stress is considerably reduced, as well as fatigue, the effect of heavy legs, but also joint, back, and neck pain.

Optimal features for better health

Depending on the type of medical armchair you choose, it is possible to benefit from additional functions.

For example, by going into the lying position thanks to the integrated footrest, the medical electric armchair allows the lower limbs of the body to be raised above the pelvis.

This position of the body, with the legs placed slightly above the heart, is also called the "zero gravity position" because it is the position the body naturally assumes when it is weightless.

Another practical and secure nursing armchair model: the lift chair. This type of seat is equipped with a lifting aid to facilitate the transition from a sitting position to a standing position and vice versa.

This relaxation armchair, equipped with a verticalization aid system, is suitable for users of a certain age or for people with reduced mobility who wish to get up and sit down without difficulty and without risk of falling.

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